OJCS should have class pets

We should have class pets at OJCS. Class pets would cheer us up when we get angry or frustrated. Class pets are good because they are cute and they would help students calm down. Students would find it easier to concentrate with pets in the class. These are some of the reasons that I think class pets would be good at OJCS.

Class pets can cheer you up when you get angry. They can cheer you up because you can go pet them and it gets you calm. You can cuddle them, or if it’s in a cage you can ask the teacher to go to it and it will make you feel better. Class pets will help the students stay calm. 

Class pets are good because they are cute. Dogs they’re super cute then it’s kinda like you do anything for it so then it might tell you to focus. It gets you concentrated. It makes you feel good. Cute pets are good

Students would find it easier to concentrate with pets in the class. Because it’s good to stay concentrated. They tell you to concentrate and get your work done. Students would get their work done and learn more with pets in the class. Pets are awesome.

Having class pets at our school would help the students be calm and happy so they can learn. Class pets would also help everyone stay calm when they get frustrated with work. Students would learn so much and our school would be the best school ever. I think our school should be the best school ever don’t you?


One thought on “OJCS should have class pets

  1. Hey David! Did you know that I once visited a school that let the teachers bring their dogs to class? I’m serious! There was a beautiful copper coloured dog that would roam around the different classes and cuddle with the students as they studied. The students all knew to not let the dog distract them and they seemed really happy when the dog came up to them for pets and cuddles. I think it would be awesome if you had a class pet like that.

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