personal recount

Hi my name is David

We have been learning about how to write a recount. A personal recount is something that happened to you or me.

what do you need to add to a personal recount? You need:

past tense verbs

chronological order

use transition words like first, next, finally

Here is my recount:

Let me tell you about my camping experience. My campground is called Twin Pines. It has a really refreshing lake that my brother, me and my sister love swimming at.

MY dad went fishing in the lake (otter lake) on his boat and a snake got onto his boat and he took the boat paddle and scooped the snake up and threw it in the water so hard the paddle broke.

I also had my birthday over there so we did a bunch of fun games like we did in this game where you have a partner and they give you a balloon you have to put the balloon in front of your shirt and then hug your partner until it pops. When I played, my balloon popped!!! Another game is a game where you put a gum with the wrapper on it and put it on a plate and then you put flour on it and you have to stick your head in the flour to get it.  I ended up with a face full of flour and I also got gum. Last but not least musical chairs and you already know how that works.

we also used our recount skills when we created a visual recount storyboard for the novel the wild robot:

2 thoughts on “personal recount

  1. Hi David,
    I really liked your blog post and I thought it was really funny when you said your dad threw the snake so hard that his paddle broke. How old were you turning at your birthday? from, J

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