Public speaking

Persuading my parents to let me spend my own money on what I want.


“OK, the final floor has been swept . I can feel the hard earned  dollars and as they reach my 

hand…I can’t wait to spend it ! But wait, no I can’t because apparently this is not my money …”


Hello, my name is David.   I am here to talk about why I think I should have ownership over my money. My 3 main reasons are: Responsibility, Money management,  and Spending money should be fun.


Point 1: Responsibility

Did you know that 60% of kids who have independence over their own allowance have better money skills when they are adults? This also teaches  responsibility because to not always spend money on silly things. For example, I don’t need  a huge stuffed dog but I want it and it is very expensive. That teaches me responsibility because I shouldn’t spend all my money on expensive stuffed dogs. And instead of just spending it on silly things I could also give a bit to charity. And I could also save up some money for university. This is why having my own money teaches me to be responsible.


Point 2: Money management

How do adults learn to deal with money? Well they started when they were children! By not allowing children to manage their own money is setting them up to fail! Whenever I go to a store or an online store I could give myself a limit of how much to spend.


Point 3: Spending money should be fun

OH look at that, I have the exact amount to spend on it because I have saved! At the moment the money I have, I have saved money for 8 months already. This shows that I am responsible and have managed my own money and should be allowed to spend my money on something I choose. For example,  if I wanted to buy a game this Would make me happy which is good for my mental health.Spending my money for fun is good for my happiness .


In conclusion I believe that I should be able to spend my money on what I want. If I am able to be in control of my money I will have more responsibility. I will be able to manage my own money and I will be able to have fun.


Through my speech I hope I have proven myself to be responsible by saving my money since my birthday.Now That I am able to finally use my money wisely And as a treat for my responsibility I could maybe be rewarded with anything I want for my birthday.


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