Morris and the forest witch

Morris was a 10 year old boy, he lived in the middle of the forest. He was  a Canadian boy who lived in a wooden house. The forest was about 30 feet away from his house so not too far.The forest was big, dark and scary for some odd reason even during the day it was dark he always gets bad feelings about it but he still wants to know about what happens in this forest. Don’t worry he didn’t live in that dark forest for some reason it was one big forest but there were three different sides the first on was the dark one, the windy one and the light one luckily he lived in the light one, so he only wanted to visit the dark one because well it’s not fun to be in a very windy  place so he wants to explore the other half.


He always wanted to go visit nature because he was so bored of just staying in  his house all the time, so he wanted to go find some animals, plants and trees, but his parents always said no. The first time they said no, “we need to stay here it’s not safe out there” “why” said morris “well because one day before you came to life me and your father went out there, your father broke an arm and I almost died falling off a cliff so I don’t ever want you to go there. The next time they said, “remember what we told you” “but I promise I’ll be careful I won’t go too far” said Morris “nope nope nope and nope”… 


He had the urge to go so badly one day he went secretly with his parents not knowing. He ran to the forest he walked around, it was 8:30 in the night it was very dark he was scared then he saw a green glow in the distance he looked closer suddenly he got struck by something “AHHHHHHH” shouted morris he ran back home, his parents asked why he was panting, so he ignored them and  ran to his room.


The next day when he saw his parents,his words about going to the forest accidentally spilled out. His parents got fierce, they got so angry, He started to hate himself. He slapped himself in the face “what did you do you idiot” said Morris talking to his head. He got so mad he slammed his arms stacked together but then when he did that he realized he took a part of land off,


He ran back into his house. (Wherever he goes it will follow him until he learns how to make it not.)

 He got back “oh phew” he said, but right as he says that a huge piece of land came bashing at his house, his house was gone. His parents shouted “WHAT DID YOU DO MORRIS OUR HOUSE IS BROKEN” he said “I swear I swear I didn’t do anything but while I was in the forest I got struck by something” “WHAT” they said “yes I got struck by something” “anyway when you realized I went to the forest I slammed my hands stacked together and I moved land said Morris” oh my god Morris” said his parents “but I can build us a new house when I master my powers”

 “Oh my god that’s so good,” said his parents. So then he said before I do that I will go to a library to see if they have books about this. There was nothing at the library but the librarian said they have a magical building that can help with your powers 20 minutes away from the library. Morris said “thank you so much.”


 So he went there, the people were mysterious. He asked them if they knew anything about a forest witch they said yes but it matters which one, so Morris said “the one that can make you move land” “oh my now that one is serious but yes I know “said the mysterious man. I have a coach for you. Morris went to the coach and asked “how do you control this”?

“Well that’s easy”, the coach said  all you have to do is stack your hands together and think of moving anything you want that is land to lift it up, and swipe your hands left and right at the same time,


 Well thanks, said Morris “bye”.

 He went back home and built his parents a beautiful house they were so thankful.


The next day a robber tried to rob his mom. He came dashing and moved the grass the was on and then the thief was gone. Now he can use his powers wisely in the end.


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